First, the five rules of the game:

  • no oppositional state — yes! (from A-or-B to A-and-B)
  • no brain storming — observe and insight (just bring what you know and be sensitive to new ideas that emerge naturally)
  • no splitting — maintain unity (into pairs, etc, or postponing positive engagement for afterwards)
  • no pulling — return attention (to self-ego-me the past or future, just be present and think of the objective and the steps required to achieve it)
  • no judgement — assume genius (evaluate for sure, but just don’t think it is foolish)

using the yellow and red cards during the meeting

The yellow-red card procedure might be useful to prevent a group from failing itself.
Everyone agrees to playing the game by accepting to uphold the rules of the game, and the following rule for the yellow card (and the red that accompanies it):

  • if anyone in the group perceives a rule to be broken, they hold up the yellow card and the entire group must stop what they are doing introducing a period of 30 seconds silence in which everyone considers their role in what is happening

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