Use of the cards in chronological order (with success rates measured in wows):

  • tuttle club (wo)
  • shine unconference (w )
  • lean business london meet (wo)
  • rewire london ()
  • london creative lab (five groups: w, wo, wow, wow, wow)
  • remade in brixton (wow+: achieved idealistic objective, and it repeated)
  • facilitation bar camp (w )
  • thinking hotel (2 groups: wo, wo)
  • scotland colleges (wow)
  • social change institute (wo)

w – one wow       wo – two wows      wow – three wows


One Response to results

  1. BfW says:

    Hi David, I also hosted an Action Cycle at Social Change Institute (Cortes Island, BC) in June 2011. We got to two wows, almost three, but not quite. The Action Cycle and the Confluence Model continue to percolate in my mind. A post to come on the Confluence Model 2.0 on my blog All the best, Bonnie

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