One simple rule for the operation of the red card, to complement the yellow one:

  • if anyone in the group flaunts the yellow card or abuses it, any individual may hold up the red card which threatens that the individual leave the group thus bringing the action cycle to an end

using the red card after the meeting

Success is measured by how far in the wow-sequence the group gets, with the minimal being an interesting discussion for an hour, and the maximal being the third wow achievement. Should this last wow occur, an individual within the action cycle may wish to remunerate the members of the group, but it would be wise to take the following procedure into account:

  • do not accept money for what has happened (it was given freely)
  • if money is to flow, let it be to the individuals who comprised the group so that they as individuals are free to offer their services elsewhere (do not constitute a legal group) — see eco^2
  • money-flow should be entirely equal (no matter what part people played, since the reputation of the players will compensate for the efforts people put in, potentially supported by an enumerated reputation system)
  • if an ecology of action cycles evolves, individuals will be in a position to offer their services free for longer periods of time, thus constituting action cycles which attempt to achieve results in a month or a season or a year, and perhaps with equivalent scaling of groups to 100 or 1000 or more players (no need to think about this… it will happen or it won’t, depending on the results of action cycles and the increasing skills and trust of participants)

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