The main question to answer is “What can we (the people in this room now) achieve (just beyond realistic into idealistic) within the week (given our collective resources)?” which can be measured by the following three thresholds, or wows:

  • first wow: we achieve consensus on a mutual idealistic objective (even though we may see it differently)
  • second wow: we achieve consensus on commitment (even though we will all be performing different tasks)
  • third wow, after the group has broken up: (we actually do what is needed over the week and achieve the idealistic objective)

The techniques for achieving the wows involve the five rules of the game and the yellow-red card procedure while in the meeting, and whatever social media at our disposal during the week.


using the green card before the meeting

The formation of the group must be carefully considered since the achievement of the action group will depend on the resources being available to the collective. Often it is the executive capacity that is missing from a “soft” action group of well-meaning but “traditionally powerless” individuals. It is best to make a distinction between an action group and an experiential night. Ideally an action group has the following constituents:

  • three vertical individuals (people aligned vertically from a company, government, or any form of hierarchical organisation)
  • three horizontal individuals (people practiced in the techniques of the game, of achieving results in a non-hierarchical structure)
  • three diagonal individuals (self-selecting individuals, effectively random, who may occupy any position of any structure)

This should provide the right combination of skills and resources enabling the action cycle to achieve an idealistic goal, goals which are near-impossible for a standard hierarchical closed group.



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